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Buster Bailey 1925 〜 1940
Buster Bailey
1925.5.20 〜 1940.6.

Papa De Da Da
Squeeze Me
Call Of The Delta
Shanghai Shuffle
The Bed Song
So You Won't Sing
Afternoon In Africa
Dizzy Debutante
Planter's Punch
Sloe Jam Fizz
Chained To A Dream
Light Up
Man With A Horn Goes Berserk
Should I
Blue Room
April In Paris
Am I Blue
Seems Like A Month Of Sunday's ( Since I Saw You Saturday Night )
Fable Of The Rose
Pine Top's Boogie Woogie
Eccentric Flag
Buster Bailey (cl) 
Henry Red Allen (tp) 
Frankie Newton (tp) 
Charlie Shavers (tp) 
J. C. Higginbotham (tb) 
Benny Carter (as) 
Pete Brown (as) 
Clarence Todd (p) 
Charles Beal (p) 
Billy Kyle (p) 
Buddy Christian (bj) 
Danny Barker (g) 
John Kirby (b) 
O'Neil Spencer (ds) 
Jerry Kruger (vo) 
Fletcher Henderson (arr) 

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