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The Music Of Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays
Bob Curnow's L. A. Big Band
MAMA Foundation
MMF 1009

( It's Just ) Talk
Always And Forever
The First Circle
Letter From Home
Are We There Yet?
If I Could
See The World
Minuano ( Six Eight )
Dream Of The Return
Every Summer Night
In Her Family
Have You Heard
Bob Curnow (arr,cond) 's L. A. Big Band 
Bobby Shew (tp) 
Wayne Bergeron (tp) 
Buddy Childers (tp) 
Don Rader (tp) 
Ron Stout (tp) 
Rick Culver (tb) 
Andy Martin (tb) 
Alex Iles (tb) 
Chuck Hughes (tb) 
Dana Hughes (tb) 
Bob Sheppard (sax) 
Danny House (sax) 
Jerry Pinter (sax) 
Rob Lockart (sax) 
Tom Peterson (sax) 
Bill Cunliffe (p) 
Paul Viapiano (g) 
Tom Warrington (b) 
Steve Houghton (ds) 
Brian Kilgore (per) 

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