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レコード/CDリスト - Part 258 -


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Sonny's BackSonny Stitt
Soul ClassicsSonny Stitt
Soul Electricity!Sonny Stitt
StardustSonny Stitt
Stitt Meets Brother Jack ( 'Nuther Fu'ther )Sonny Stitt
Stitt Plays BirdSonny Stitt
Stitt's BitsSonny Stitt
Stitt's Bits : Bebop Recordings 1949 - 1952Sonny Stitt
Stitt's Bits Vol. 1Sonny Stitt
Stitt's Bits Vol. 2Sonny Stitt
Symphony Hall SwingSonny Stitt
The ChampSonny Stitt
The Last Stitt Sessions Vol. 1Sonny Stitt
The Last Stitt Sessions Vol. 1 & 2Sonny Stitt
The Last Stitt Sessions Vol. 2Sonny Stitt
The Sonny Side Of StittSonny Stitt
Tune Up!Sonny Stitt
Turn It On!Sonny Stitt
When Sonny Blows BlueSonny Stitt
We Remember BirdSonny Stitt - J. J. Johnson Sextet
Brothers - 4Sonny Stitt & Don Patterson
Legends Of Acid Jazz Vol. 2Sonny Stitt & Don Patterson
Tenor Battle At BirdlandSonny Stitt & Eddie Davis
Sonny Stitt & The Top BrassSonny Stitt & The Top Brass
Sonny Stitt And Bud PowellSonny Stitt And Bud Powell
Salt And PepperSonny Stitt And Paul Gonsalves
NowSonny Stitt Quartet
The Best Of Sonny Stitt With Brother Jack McDuffSonny Stitt With Brother Jack McDuff
Sonny Stitt With Bud Powell & J. J. Johnson ( Bud's Blues )Sonny Stitt With Bud Powell & J. J. Johnson
Night CrawlerSonny Stitt With Don Patterson
Shangri - LaSonny Stitt With Don Patterson
The Boss MenSonny Stitt With Don Patterson
Soul ShackSonny Stitt With Jack McDuff
The Best Of Sonny Stitt With Jack McDuff For LoversSonny Stitt With Jack McDuff
Soul PeopleSonny Stitt, Booker Ervin, Don Patterson
Soul PeopleSonny Stitt, Booker Ervin, Don Patterson
Inter-ActionSonny Stitt, Zoot Sims
Sonny Is KingSonny Terry
Sonny's StorySonny Terry
At Sugar HillSonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Back To New OrleansSonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
California BluesSonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Just A Closer Walk With TheeSonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Midnight SpecialSonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
The Best Of Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeSonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Sonny Thompson Swings In ParisSonny Thompson
Sonora Meet Jerry BergonziSonora Art Quartet
"Sonora"Sonora Art Quartet
Your Queen Is A ReptileSons Of Kemet
SonyaSonya Robinson
Sonya Robinson Live At SpiralSonya Robinson
Trio & QuartetSoon Kim
PentacleSophia Domancich
Courtepointe - Live At The SunsideSophia Domancich, Andrew Cyrille & Mark Helias
DAGSophia Domancich, Jean-Jaques Avenel, Simon Goubert
In The MoonlightSophie Milman
Live In MontrealSophie Milman
Make Someone HappySophie Milman
Sophie MilmanSophie Milman
Take Love EasySophie Milman
5th Anniversary LiveSORANO
ソラノネ ( Soranone )SORANO
プレゼント ( Present )SORANO
A Song For YouSoren Bebe Trio
EvaSoren Bebe Trio featuring Marc Johnson
Very Early ... Very LateSoren Kristiansen
Soren Lee QuartetSoren Lee Quartet
NovellaSorgen - Rust - Stevens Trio
Greetings From New YorkSOS All-Stars
SOS QuintetSOS Quintet
VanitasSotto In Su feat. Sussan Deyhim
ChronicleSoul Children
Swingin' At Soul Food CafeSoul Food Cafe
Arriving SoonSoul4 introducing Mattia Cigalini
Live At Blue Note TokyoSoulive
No Place Like SoulSoulive
Rubber SouliveSoulive
Soulive ( ライヴ! )Soulive
Spark!Soulive & Karl Denson
The Round AboutSound Advice
Sweet And Lowdown ( ギター弾きの恋 )Soundtrack
It Also Snows In The ParadiseSoundtrack Album
Conversations With The UnseenSoweto Kinch
Tonal VisionSpacious Couch
Dance On A Sinking ShipSpeak No Evil
Late BloomerSpeak No Evil
ButterflySpecial EFX
Deep As The NightSpecial EFX
MasterpieceSpecial EFX
It's Too Hot For WordsSpectrum
Last Concert ( Live In Japan )Spectrum
Opening RollSpectrum
Spectrum RoadSpectrum Road
No Turning BackSpeedometer & James Junior
Bird SongsSphere
Flight PathSphere
Four For AllSphere
Four In OneSphere
Live At UmbriaSphere