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レコード/CDリスト - Part 50 -


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Mr. LuckyBuddy DeFranco
OdalisqueBuddy DeFranco
Sweet And LovelyBuddy DeFranco
Buddy DeFranco And Oscar Peterson Play George GershwinBuddy DeFranco And Oscar Peterson
Buddy DeFranco And The Oscar Peterson QuartetBuddy DeFranco And The Oscar Peterson Quartet
HarkBuddy DeFranco Meets The Oscar Peterson Quartet
Sessions, LiveBuddy DeFranco, Art Pepper
Holiday For SwingBuddy DeFranco, Terry Gibbs
Buddy Emmons Sings Bob WillsBuddy Emmons
'Round MidnightBuddy Greco
Big Band MachineBuddy Rich
Jazz Of The Air 〜 The CinchBuddy Rich
Live At Ronnie Scott'sBuddy Rich
Mercy MercyBuddy Rich
Sing And Swing With Buddy RichBuddy Rich
The Electric Sticks Of Buddy RichBuddy Rich
The Roar Of '74Buddy Rich
The Wailing Buddy RichBuddy Rich
Very Live At Buddy's PlaceBuddy Rich
Mr. Drums - Buddy Rich & His Band Live On King Street, San FranciscoBuddy Rich & His Band
This One's For BasieBuddy Rich & His Orchestra
Rich Versus RoachBuddy Rich & Max Roach
Buddy & SoulBuddy Rich Big Band
Ease On Down The RoadBuddy Rich Big Band
Groovin' With Buddy TateBuddy Tate
Groovin' With Buddy Tate / Tate's DateBuddy Tate
Tate-A-TateBuddy Tate
Tate's DateBuddy Tate
Tete A Tete At La FontaineBuddy Tate
The Ballad Artistry Of Buddy TateBuddy Tate
The Ballad Artistry Of Buddy TateBuddy Tate
Electric SoulBuddy Terry
Natural SoulBuddy Terry
Big DrumBuell Neidlinger
Blue Chopsticks : A Portrait Of Herbie NicholsBuell Neidlinger
LocomotiveBuell Neidlinger
Rear View MirrorBuell Neidlinger
TheloniousBuell Neidlinger
PlayingBugge Wesseltoft
SharingBugge Wesseltoft
SongsBugge Wesseltoft
Wesseltoft Schwarz DuoBugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz
Bunk Johnson And His Superior Jazz BandBunk Johnson And His Superior Jazz Band
Bunk And LuBunk Johnson, Lu Watters
My BabyBunky Green
The Latinization Of Bunky Green ( バンキー・グリーンのラテン化計画 )Bunky Green
Bunny Berigan 1935 〜 1936Bunny Berigan
The Complete Brunswick, Parlophone And Vocalion Bunny Berigan SessionsBunny Berigan
The Legacy Of Bluebird - Bunny Berigan ( ブルーバード栄光の遺産 )Bunny Berigan
For You To PlayBunny Brunel
Invent Your FutureBunny Brunel
IvanhoeBunny Brunel
L. A. ZooBunny Brunel
MomentumBunny Brunel
TouchBunny Brunel
Bass BallBunny Brunel & Friends
DedicationBunny Brunel, Mike Stern, Billy Childs, Vinnie Colaiuta
RecitalBurkhard Stangl
Guitar SoulBurrell - Galbraith - Jennings - Grimes
They Tore My Playhouse Down ...Burt Bales, Paul Lingle
Basically Baker Vol. 2 - The Big Band Music Of David BakerBuselli - Wallarab Jazz Orchestra
Buster Bailey 1925 〜 1940Buster Bailey
AudacityBuster Williams
HoudiniBuster Williams
Something MoreBuster Williams
Somewhere Along The WayBuster Williams
TokudoBuster Williams
Joined At The HipBuster Williams Quartet
Lost In A MemoryBuster Williams Quartet
Solo - But Not AloneButch Lacy
Cookin' ( Soulmates )Butch Miles
Jazz ExpressButch Miles
Current Trends In Racism In Modern AmericaButch Morris
Dust To DustButch Morris
HomeingButch Morris
Nublu Orchestra Conducted By Butch MorrisButch Morris
The Fifth ChildButch Robins
Human NatureBWB
I Got It Bad ( And That Ain't Good )Byrdie Green
Sister Byrdie!Byrdie Green
The Golden Thrush Strikes!Byrdie Green
OutrageousByron Berline
Git Wit MeByron Miller
Until ...Byron Miller
Sketches Of MilesByron Olson
Stripling Now!Byron Stripling
Twenty Five And Counting!C. U. G. ジャズ・オーケストラ ( C. U. G. Jazz Orchestra )
オン・ザ・ロード ( On The Road )C. U. G. ジャズ・オーケストラ ( C. U. G. Jazz Orchestra )
ゴーイング・オン・ザ・ロード ( Going On The Road )C. U. G. ジャズ・オーケストラ ( C. U. G. Jazz Orchestra )
テイキン・ザ・ロード ( Takin' The Road )C. U. G. ジャズ・オーケストラ ( C. U. G. Jazz Orchestra )
ナウ! ( Now! )C. U. G. ジャズ・オーケストラ ( C. U. G. Jazz Orchestra )
ホープ ( Hope )C. U. G. ジャズ・オーケストラ ( C. U. G. Jazz Orchestra )
ユーズ・アス ( Use Us )C. U. G. ジャズ・オーケストラ ( C. U. G. Jazz Orchestra )
ロード・トゥ・ア・ベター・プラネット ( Road To A Better Planet )C. U. G. ジャズ・オーケストラ ( C.U.G. Jazz Orchestra )
Play The Music Of Ornette Coleman & Eric DolphyC.O.D.E.
Cab 2Cab
Live On SunsetCAB
Cab Calloway 1930 〜 1931 / 1961Cab Calloway
Cab Calloway & Co.Cab Calloway & Co.